Will Switzerland make an honest choice?

      «You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete».

 Buckminster Fuller


 Introduction.   Good day! My name is Makoev Taimuraz. I am a citizen of Vladikavkaz, inventor, social activist with specific project thinking.

  In this article I would like to introduce you a part of my numerous and quite audacious social initiatives which are united into one project called «Beslan Ziu- project». In this article new positive- working social decisions regarding providing   reliable and objective practice of expression of will of citizens, as well as questions of socialization of all of mankind are described.

  The development of the presented project became its key milestone. And now this initiative needs competent expert review panel and practical testing. And in case of project effectiveness confirmation, it will be necessary to proceed to its main milestone – implementation of new social decision.

   But implementation of all these milestones by the author on his own is beyond what one can manage. The scope of the project is such that for its implementation the resources of the whole country are needed. And to my opinion Switzerland as such country was predestined by the history itself. Competence of Swiss citizens in technological stuffing of the project and historical reputation of being authentically democratic country, I dare say, defined this fateful choice for the mankind.  

By the terms "will expression" and "electoral practice" I will mean holding elections, referendums, polls or signatures collection.

I would like to note that such electoral practices have become regular elements of Switzerland's world-famous semi-direct democracy and require, in addition to significant labor and temporary contributions, quite serious amounts of funding.

In this article I will reveal the essence of new social decision and will try to answer the question, whether it is actually necessary for the mankind or not? Well, only the Swiss themselves should answer the question whether they want to fulfill the historical mission preordained by heaven.

   The history of Beslan Ziu- project and its name appearance. 

   In order to resolve disputable issues people have been voting from the earliest

times. And today the time has come when digital revolution has urged the mankind to transfer to Internet voting format. But technical progress has stalled in this issue and distant voting via the Internet has not gained mass distribution. What is the matter? Why did people accept this practice with precautions and do not ease their lives by voting with the help of their gadgets sitting on the sofa?

  To my mind, the main reason is people’s trust in the internet technologies while using them in the fateful issue of will expression. After all, till the present, the organizers of such voting form have just made the process complicated by creating complex computer program or using “blockchain” technology. But such decisions from the beginning are quiet complex and impossible to understand for an average citizen. Besides, a significant part of programmers themselves are skeptical of such initiatives. In my opinion, it is exactly because of distrust the significant part of the society until today has treated the distant vote format with extreme precautions. It means that regarding this issue the mankind should find simple, reliable and understandable decisions.

   I needed such a solution at another social project development, which has been quiet successfully (to my mind) undergoing testing stage. In this project it was necessary to use method of voting via the Internet, which all the participants would trust. I had to think about the question, «Which it-technologies do our people trust»? The answer turned out to be simple and obvious.

      As a result of these simple conclusions a new method of will expression and signature collection originally named “Ziu-voting” has appeared. Later, this social decision became a driver of the appearance of audacious revolutionary project , which I would like to tell about in this article.

    How did the new method come out?

     Ziu-voting method appeared during the development of social project in Ossetia named the «Alan network», for which I had to find a new method of voting via the Internet. I would like to notice that the new method has been working perfectly and has been using in the project the «Alan network», as an original form of fundraising named as «Ziu-poll» (ed. note “collection of material and other funds for socially significant projects”).


   How did the name of the new method appear?

     Why is the word “Ziu” present in the name of the new voting method?

   The term “Ziu” means ancient Ossetian tradition of community labor cooperation, the analogue of which is the Slavic tradition of “toloka”(joint work).

   The variety of positive meaning of Ziu-traditions were used by me in my social projects. And sent by heaven clarity of the term and its unique phonetic alignment with foreign languages has immediately closed the issue of finding the name for the new decision. That is why the word “Ziu” is used in the name “Ziu-voting”. 

  As you could have already noticed, the word “Beslan” is used in the name of the project.

   All my social initiatives became the result of redesigning of my consciousness during the tragic events in Beslan, the witness of which I happened to be. As the result of emotional shock, the consciousness of an ordinary man, which without doubt I am, literally began to “gush” with ideas which were fulfilled of real projects. That is why it is worth pointing out the most important conceptual message of the project.

   «Beslan Ziu-project» is one of the initiatives born of the Beslan tragedy. That is why the author invokes to evaluate them as a historical answer to this atrocity. 

  Namely this informational and conceptual message is conveyed by the word “Beslan” by its presence in the project name.

    And the proposed regional location of the project was predetermined by the phrase «reliable as in Swiss bank», because the banks of this county are suggested to use as a key platform for Ziu–voting distribution around the world.

   Political and military neutrality of Switzerland along with self-consciousness of the vast majority of population of this country, for whom falsifications of the process and the results of will expression, is a priori inconceivable, will became the additional argument in favor of initiated project.

     Probably, at the beginning the project will seem as a utopia, but do not rush to draw a conclusion. When you are convinced in its simplicity, reliability and low cost of this audacious decision, when you realize its benefits and effectiveness in strengthening of democracy around the world, when you calculate what enormous financial resources can be saved as a result of its implementation, the project will seem quite realistic to you.

   Ziu-voting technology

   And now let’s consider what is a Ziu-voting and why is Switzerland? In order to answer this question I suggest a possible scenario of using this method at will expression of the people of this country or collection of signatures in support of any social initiative.

   Internet banking technologies have permeated our lives everywhere and the majority of the population in countries with developed banking infrastructure regularly uses them.

   Imagine a person in the 21st century began to safely trust his money to banking computer programs interacting in the communication and technological environment of payment systems!

   Then why not trust these financial technologies to broadcast the position of citizens when carrying out acts of will at votes, referendums, polls or signatures collection? In addition, the technological interaction of banking programs and the system cannot be distorted, since it is based on the universal accuracy of a science called "mathematics". At the same time, these financial technologies are already well protected from outside interference.

   In order to carry out an act of will expression according to our methodology, the National Bank of this country needs to develop a special payment system. To my mind, it will be fair if this financial processing gets the author’s name «Ziu- payment system».

    The main and only one task of this system is the technological  support of voting practice, referendums, poll or signatures collection based on new methodology.

   About two thousand payment systems have been already created in the world.  In my opinion, creating another one with a quite simple functional is a quite realistic objective for Switzerland. The more especially that this system will not only save significant funds for the budgets of different levels of this country, but will also generate good profit, as in future it is planned to connect a large number of global financial market participants to it.

I see the connection process as follows:

1.     For the identification of the participants of the will expression, it is necessary to establish cooperation and coordination of the software and hardware package of the Ziu-payment system with the authorized governmental body, on whose servers the electronic lists of all Swiss voters are represented. It is also necessary to connect local commercial banks with a multiple network of devices accepting payments to the system. 

2.      All the citizens of this country who have the right to vote, authorized banks or other governmental financial bodies it is necessary to issue personalized Ziu-system payment bank cards with a unique identification numbers. As you could have already guessed, the author’s name of such card is the «Ziu-card».

3.      This payment card is issued according to standard banking regulations upon identity document presentation and is linked to its holder in the voting list. It serves as voter electronic identifier at carrying out acts of will expression or signatures collecting according to the Ziu-voting method. It is issued exclusively to be used at the Ziu-voting practice, and its use as a traditional payment instrument must be excluded.

4.      Ziu-card can be deposited only from the Swiss National Bank account or other authorized financial body of this country. Other Ziu-card deposit ways must be strictly excluded, and the voter can use the deposited money only is the scope of Ziu-payment system.

5.      I have indicated the acquisition of voters personal data and Ziu-cards unique numbers in the united voting list as «Ziu-registry». If necessary in order to provide will expression secrecy, the digital security of Ziu-registry must be secured by the Swiss laws.

   And now let's consider the sequence of actions of all participants in the act of will expression at carrying out the voting practice.

1.     Before carrying out a vote, referendum, poll or signatures collection its organizers mark candidates or answers suggested to voters (survey respondents) with special marking numbers. And the value of the numbers should be minimal, up to zero point hundredths unit.

2.     At signatures collection, by agreement between the initiators of the collection and the authorized body to accept signature lists, the value of the only "agreed number" is determined.

3.     Then, the participants of the will expression with the help of their gadgets, POS-terminals or ATMs send special payments from the accounts of their Ziu-cards, which received the name "Ziu-payments" or "voting payments" in the project. In the case of signatures collection, such payments are called "confirmation payments". Such payments can also be sent from a bank branch in an offline format by presenting an identity document or a Ziu-card, if the voter has the right to vote.

4.     In these voting payments, the transfer amounts will be those marking numbers of candidates, answers or opinions (in polls) with which voters confirm their will expression.

5.     At signatures collection, the payment amount must be one agreed number that authorizes the entry of the signatory's personal data into the voting list. But instead of a graphic signature next to his personal data, a unique set of numbers identifying his Ziu-card will be indicated in the voting list. 

     The key element of Ziu-voting methodology becomes an online or offline  transfer order which acts as a voting ballot at will expression of citizen and/or acts as his signature validation. And digital platforms for electoral practices carrying out are technological cooperation of specially developed payment system with standard bank programs. According to the author’s standards developed for such will expression, it is suggested to transfer money to the charity funds accounts at Ziu-voting practices carrying out.

The example of using the service

   And now let’s consider a particular case when Switzerland holds a referendum on a single question.

   At the referendum, citizens were proposed to answer the question with two possible answers - "yes" or "no". The answer "yes" is marked by the election commission with number "X" number and the answer "no" with "Y" number. If the participant of the referendum chooses the answer "yes", then he transfers an amount equal to "X" number, and if he chooses the answer "no", then he transfers an amount equal to "Y" number

  As I have mentioned before, marking numbers should be minimum, up to zero point hundredth unit, what makes monetary value nominal in fact. That is, the Swiss will be able to vote in euro cents, which will significantly reduce the cost of the practice of expression of will regularly carried out in this country. It means that the Swiss will be able to vote by eurocents, what will significantly reduce the cost of the will expression practice regularly carried out in this country.

   The same way can be used to vote for candidates at different level elections, and in the case of signature collection, payments can be sent to confirm your signature in the signature sheet, which will actually be standard statements from accounts accepting payments.

    At the same time, the Ziu-payment is confirmed by two standard bank documents, in the form of a payment receipt for debiting money from the Ziu-card account and in the form of statement of account which these funds were received on. At the same time, the statement must be publicly published while   summing up of the will expression.

    These bank documents cannot be falsified, since it is impossible to skew the interaction of the payment system software and hardware package functionality with banking programs, based, as I have already declared, on the inviolability of the laws of mathematics. And this indisputable fact makes senseless attempts to falsify the voters will when using the Ziu-voting method.

   The provided decision has the issue of will expression and participant’s personal data secrecy preservation. This task is solved with the help of legislative acts which strictly prohibit authorized credit or other organizations that have issued Ziu-cards to citizens to transfer to anyone the voters personal data entered in the Ziu- register. Similar prohibitions are already in effect in the banking sphere today.

  In the case of a secret ballot, only the BIC (ed. note “identifier) of the remitting bank and the account number of his Ziu-card are published in the statement, which are known only by the participant of the will expression, the body controlling the Ziu-registers and the authorized financial organization that issued the card. The time and date of payment are also published in the statement. Such statement is called "ordinary" according to Russian banking standards. In this case, the voter will be able to verify the validity of his vote or opinion by checking all the payment data available to him, namely the data of his Ziu-card, the data in the payment receipt and the data from the account statement to which his Ziu-payment was received.   

   Until now, in some Switzerland cantons, voters still vote by mail. And, to my mind, this practice of will expression is a form of open voting. In this case, it is possible to use "extended" statements, in which the voter’s full personal data and the number of his Ziu-card are published.

  Since voting in both formats of will expression, open and secret, is supposed to be carried out with the help of the Ziu-card, then the decision looks logical when the Ziu-card has two settlement accounts. One is for the format of open voting and for signatures collection and the other is for secret ballot, in which only numerical indicators of the Ziu-card account and the bank's BIC are published in the final statements, without publishing the unique number of the card itself.

Also, a Ziu-payment encoding function can be implemented into the Ziu-payment system, in which a voter receives a special code in bank receipts instead of his Ziu-card data, according to which he will be able to check the result of his vote in the final statements from the receiving account later on.

A debating question of the new method.

    The topic of ensuring the objectivity of an act of will expression through open or secret ballot gains more and more polemical character in society. I believe that the secret ballot is an additional incentive for falsification, since the will is deprived of the opportunity to check the fate of his vote. And the argument about the imaginary protection of the voter's vote from corruption temptations has lost relevance against the background of numerous facts of photographing ballots by the will-giver himself, made in closed voting booths. Such photo of the ballots can serve as confirmation of the transaction fact during the "sale of votes" or, for example, confirmation of the fact of loyalty, or even obedience of the will - giver, with third-party pressure exerted on him.

  In this abstract I have just given my subjective opinion, and now let’s go back to the Swiss referendum.

Further path of votes

Ziu-payments are transferred to specially opened «voting accounts» of Switzerland’s charity funds, selected according to priority. Each such account is opened for accepting payments with the only answer option - "X" or "Y". No other payments with amounts other than the marking numbers should be credited to the voting account. And this stringent condition must be provided by the functionality of the software and hardware package of the payment Ziu-system.

  It is very important that the voting accounts do not receive "missent" payments, because such errors will significantly complicate the process of summing up the results. The Ziu-system should block an incorrect payment and inform the voter to repeat the attempt with the correct marking number that he has chosen. After three unsuccessful attempts, the Ziu-payment system can automatically block the Ziu- card, since such errors can be regarded as willful acts. Also, "incorrect" or repeated Ziu-payments from one Ziu-card should not be credited to the accounts.

  The payment system functionality should exclude the transfer of an unauthorized Ziu-payment to the voting account from the same voter or signer, unless this is provided for by the regulations of the electoral practice. For example, if a dishonest voter tries to vote twice with both a Ziu-card and an identity document from a bank branch connected to the Ziu-system. 

  If the stated strictness of filtering the transfer of voting payments is ensured, then the election committee will only have to look at the statement from account "X" or account "Y" to sum up the voting results. The number of payments in one or another statement will mean the number of votes cast for the referendum response, since there should be no incorrect or missent payments in the lists.

  To prevent dishonest voter from voting with a Ziu-card several times, you can also choose a special numerical ratio between the funds credited to the Ziu-card and the answer marking number. For example, 1 euro is credited to the card, and the answers are marked with the numbers 0.77 Euros (the answer is yes) and 0.88 Euros (the answer is no).

  After a single vote, the voter will no longer have enough money for an incorrect re-payment, and only an authorized financial body can deposit the Ziu-card. You can also automatically block the card after making the first voting Ziu- payment. To participate in the next Ziu-voting, the next deposit of the card automatically unlocks it. The remaining money balances on the Ziu-card accounts after making payments can be debited as commissions to the banks that provide the Ziu-voting process.

   In order to provide will expression security assurance from corruption temptations or from outside pressure, it is necessary, to my mind, to give the voting participant the opportunity to withdraw his payment once and vote for the second time.

  It is possible to deposit a smaller amount on the Ziu-card, for example, 0.50 Euros or even 0,10 Euros. These small amounts will also insure the will expression practices carrying out based on this methodology, if the variety of numeral combinations in electoral practice is minimal.

 At collecting signatures from a Ziu-card, a payment is made with a single agreed number. The value of the agreed number is jointly set by the party initiating the signatures collection and the body authorized to receive signature sheets. But in this case, the person who has decided to support any public initiative with his signature should deposit the card himself. He will be able to do this through the same state-authorized body developed for depositing funds on Ziu-cards.

   The Swiss citizens should recognize that Ziu-voting methodology saves significant amount of money for different levels of budget. But the question of the amount of money which should be deposited on the Ziu-card and the half of which will eventually remain on the Swiss charity funds accounts must be solved by the Swiss themselves.

 After these words, the reader came up with the question. Why will only the half of the collected money remain for the charity funds, where should the rest of the money be sent to?

 Because the main sense of Ziu-voting methodology is the balance of public and private interests of will expression participants, I have called it «Ziu-balance».

  For the purpose of ensuring the announced Ziu-balance, test author's standards have already been developed and published, one of which expects that 50% of the transferred funds should be spent on charity, and the other 50% should be directed to encouraging citizens to participate in acts of will expression. In my opinion, it is necessary to encourage the most socially responsible citizens who are regularly and consistently act in the crucial country issues. And also to hold sweepstakes of valuable prizes among all voters who took part in the Ziu-voting. So, for example, if in the future, a lucky draw falls on the Ziu-card number of a referendum participant, then he may become the owner of a car.

  But in case of signatures collection the promotion of the participants must be strictly prohibited. People should make a self-conscious and without additional promotions decision on their own concerning support of any initiative with his signature.

  But what if several questions are being discussed at once at the referendum, to which many answers are offered?

   Or how to use Ziu-voting methodology for quite complicated and confusing Swiss parliament elections?

   All such tasks can be solved with the help numerical and temporary combinations, which can be addressed to Swiss mathematicians and organizers of the practice of will expression using the Ziu-voting method. Due to the easiness and accessibility of the Ziu-voting methodology, electoral practices can be carried out in stages. Therefore, I consider it pointless to discuss them in this article. It should be noted that the time limits for the practice of Ziu-voting are regulated only by the question of reasonableness.  


    What proves the reliability of this technique?  

    The reliability of the payment systems and banking programs interaction, which is trusted by billions of financial services users around the world, speaks for itself.

    To my mind, in the Swiss electoral scenario, it is also inappropriate to talk about the honesty of the Ziu-voting practice organizers and all parties providing technological support for the process, represented by banks and charitable foundations. It is hard to imagine that in Switzerland, with its indestructible traditions of people’s democracy, the organizers would even dare to think about trying to falsify any form of will expression.

   Besides, not any Swiss bank, and not any charity fund of this country will risk its reputation and try to falsify the voting accounts final statements. Because a scandal, if fraud attempts are detected, can lead to the collapse of banks, and especially charitable foundations convicted of lying.

    Of course, all announced decisions must be tested during the electoral experiment in one of the Swiss cantons. And as the paying Ziu-system has not been developed yet, it is possible to test the proposed method through an ordinary payment system and through the banks connected to it.

  This project seems quiet realistic for Switzerland, but is it possible to apply such will expression method in other countries?

To my mind, it is possible and necessary. And I have already developed scenario, which implies carrying out acts of will expression around the world through Swiss banks.

 The world votes through the Swiss banks.  

   It is more reasonable for all countries with developed online banking and authentically democratic system to vote through Swiss banks, which will act as independent and non-motivated arbitrators in global electoral processes.

   First of all, in this case, on the base the Swiss banks historical reputation and on the age-old traditions of democracy of this country, a highly-reliable unified global electoral Ziu-structure is being created, with uniform universally recognized standards, which the world has yet to see. And the electoral results obtained with its usage, a priori, acquire unconditional international legitimacy.  

  Secondly, a strict understanding that falsification of acts of will expression is impossible and the attempts to falsify elections are senseless is immediately introduced into the political consciousness of voters and politicians of those countries that will join the single electoral platform. And this sense bearing constant, the presence of which is impossible with the preservation of most of the current national electoral practices, will positively change the entire spectrum of legal and mental relations between a citizen and the state.  

    Thirdly, united world Ziu-system payment will save significant amount of money for those countries, which will join the Beslan Ziu-project.

   Fourthly, why "reinvent the wheel» if the Swiss approach and mindset, due to the lack of motivation for distortions and falsifications, will bring humanity to truth and justice better than others, and, if necessary, ensure the secrecy of the elections.

    Fifthly, such an electoral structure is easy to control with the help of a single electoral payment system. This financial processing can be controlled by an authorized control body consisting of representatives of those countries that will join the Beslan Ziu-project and the relevant UN structures representatives. The program code of the filtering node of the software and hardware package of the payment Ziu-system must be open, and the system itself must be used only in order to ensure the reliability of the will expression.

  And what will the global electoral practice look like through the Swiss banks?

 As an example, let's take the presidential elections in France, which in our imagination is held according to the Ziu-voting method within the framework of the Swiss electoral Ziu-project. In these elections, the same sequence of actions of carrying out acts of will expression, provided for by the Ziu-voting methodology, is repeated. The only difference is that charity funds in France open voting accounts in Swiss authorized banks. And now based on the example we will analyze the possible French presidential elections within the framework of the Swiss scenario, but with detailed technological stages that I have not mentioned yet.

  In order to carry out such elections it is necessary that the French National Banks and others authorized commercial banks of this country connect financial payment Ziu-system. Then authorized French financial bodies should issue bank Ziu-cards, issued under the new payment system to all voters of their country, and the authorized bodies should form the Ziu-register of France.

   Further, this electronic electoral Ziu-register is connected to the software and hardware package of the payment Ziu-system for the purpose of interaction and coordination. The crediting of one euro, for example, to the French voters Ziu-cards by the authorized financial authority of this country, will mean the activation of the card for the duration of the act of will expression.

   It is also necessary to define several charity funds of France to the voting accounts, which will receive money from the Ziu-cards of French voters. The number of funds depends on the number of presidential candidates for whom the voter is proposed to vote. Which accounts will be assigned to a certain candidate can be determined by drawing lots. But French funds open voting settlement accounts in Swiss banks.

   These accounts will receive voting payments with only one amount corresponding to the numerical marking of candidates. In order to save the voter from the need to set long numerical values of account details, it is necessary to provide the participants of the will expression with standard visual templates of each French presidential candidate through the interfaces of payment devices or banking applications. Then, the voters make payments from their Ziu-cards to the voting accounts according to the candidate's template, according to their choice. A voting payment can also be made from a bank branch upon presentation of an identity card. At the same time, the filtering software Ziu-system node, in which standards are set with marking numbers of candidates, does not allow erroneous or repeated payments to voting accounts. And the results are summed up by the number of payments in the statements. Everything is the same as in Switzerland.

The overall result of a new technology introduction:

1.     Banking reliability and credibility of the electoral process.

2.     Significant (drastically) savings of financial resources invested in the elections.

3.     The easiness, accessibility and lightness of the practice of Ziu-voting, since the majority of voters (mainly "sitting on the couch"). 

   The algorithm of the Ziu-voting practice and signatures collection in France is the same as in Switzerland. The only peculiarity is that the results of the Ziu- voting and signature collection in France are summed up on the basis of statements from current accounts opened in Swiss banks.

  I propose to conduct voting around the world using this scenario exactly.

   As I have already mentioned, in the proposed version, Swiss banks act as an arbitrator when conducting electoral Ziu-practices, since they are completely devoid of motives for falsification and manipulation of final statements.

   Of course, the method already includes the reliability and security of online banking technologies and, in principle, it seems possible to open accounts in any bank. But except the additional factor of reliability in the form of the absence of a motive for falsification, there is a unifying factor in the decision to open accounts exclusively in Swiss banks, on the basis of which it is possible to create a single global electoral structure.

   As I have already stated, this factor raises the legitimacy of the decisions taken to the international level, as a global electoral system with unitary standards is being created.  

   It must be admitted that not all the countries have an electoral idyll.

   New technology will allow to build a single global electoral standard, which by its very existence will already begin to positively influence the electoral world processes and "spoil the game" for liars and falsifiers.

   At the same time, Swiss banks take a huge additional responsibility. This is because they will have to confirm the relevance of the phrase "reliable as in a Swiss bank" again.

    But now the Swiss banks will have to save not only their customers' money. They need to preserve the honest choice of all mankind. The people of Switzerland are proposed to affirm in the consciousness of mankind the understanding that the TRUTH is also reliably protected by the historical reputation and the Swiss worldview, as well as the money of the Swiss banks depositors.

  Such responsibility will give additional prestige to this country on the global stage as a state of genuine democracy, which can be trusted with the choice of other nations.

    This responsibility will become a significant additional bonus to the reputation of the Swiss banks themselves and it will certainly have a positive impact on their profitability.

    And why would Swiss bankers interfere in the presidential elections in Brazil, Norway or Kazakhstan? In my opinion, the worldview of this people will not allow attempts to manipulate the final statements of the Ziu- votes on which the fate of the nations of the world depends.

  I believe that Swiss citizens are ready to accept such load of responsibility for world democracy projects and will not refuse to take charge of the Beslan Ziu- project.

   That is why I suggest that the Swiss should be the first to test the Ziu-voting method in practice and give a positive example to all other nations of the world.

  Today, the rational part of mankind is studying with sincere admiration the example of genuine democracy that this country demonstrates. And it is fully justified to expect the Swiss people to replicate their positive experience around the world.

   So, as the hero of the world-famous film "The Godfather" said, Swiss citizens "were made an offer that cannot be refused".

  But another big question is whether world politicians will support the Beslan Ziu- project? Will they want to abandon their traditional practices of expressing their will and take part in the construction of a united global electoral structure? This question will be answered by the voters - taxpayer of potential participating countries of this project.

    Convinced by the real Swiss example of the effectiveness of this social solution, the voters of other countries will certainly require their governments to join the proposed unified electoral standard. And the Ziu-voting method itself will become a forcible argument in political polemics, with the help of which candidates at elections of different levels will begin to attract the sympathies of the progressive part of the voters of their countries.

   It is undoubted that the exceptional reliability, lightness, accessibility and enormous savings in financial resources at using the Ziu-voting method will eventually solve all potential discussions in its favor.

The issue of saving financial resources invested in voting procedures

  In favor of the credibility of the sounded arguments, I want to consider briefly the issue of saving financial resources, which will become the most important argument in the future discussions.

   To do this, I will give an example of the attempt to re-elect the Democratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom, in 2021. According to the data that I was able to find on the Internet, the budget of these elections in the format of mailing ballots by mail and with the rather painstaking work of the electoral district bodies cost the state taxpayers about $200 million. This looks like an expensive investment for one state.

And now let's calculate the possible expenses, in case of using the Ziu-voting method.  Let's say the state authorities would have credited 50 cents to the Ziu- cards of 22 million California voters, which would have been quite enough to hold elections with the correct selection of the marking numbers of candidates. Then the technological part of the elections would have cost $11 million.

But I am absolute sure that a smaller amount would be enough to ensure this electoral action if the number of candidates is minimal. That is, the technological part of the elections can theoretically be tens, if not hundreds of times cheaper.

  If the effectiveness of the new social solution seems unrealistic to the reader, than I suggest to disprove my calculations. Of course, I am giving approximate numbers, but it is obvious that the financial savings are enormous.

   I wonder if such savings are necessary for the state budget? I am sure that Californian taxpayers will give a decisive answer to this question.

   Besides, within the framework of the author's standard on the Ziu-balance, half of the funds received by the voting accounts are proposed to be directed to charity, that is, to solve the social problems of the state. And invest another half of it in encouraging voting participants. Perhaps that is why excessive underestimation of election expenses seems inappropriate to me. But this question will also be answered by the voters themselves with the help of the same Ziu-survey, which can easily be carried out with the money saved.

   By the way, the residents of California collected 1.7 million signatures for initiating re-elections for 9 months. Using the Ziu-voting method, these signatures can be collected in a week.

  I hope it is already clear to the reader that the proposed Ziu-voting method will gain a huge number of supporters among voters all over the world. And the voter in truly democratic countries draws up the behavior of politicians at elections of different levels. So, there is an absolute certainty that sooner or later, under the influence of their voters, the leaders of democratic countries will launch the processes of joining the Beslan Ziu- project.

  How can the United Nations (UN) significantly boost the development of global processes? I offer my version below.

   Participation of the UN in the Beslan Ziu - project.

  I propose, within the framework of the Beslan Ziu-project, to start issuing a separate "planetary Ziu-card" under the UN auspices, which can be distributed to the most active people of the Earth who are ready to participate in the real implementation of the plan outlined for Sustainable Development (SDGs).

  The main aim of this initiative is to form social, humanitarian and ecological activists of the planet with the help of Ziu-voting.

   Such an association of people who are not indifferent to the future of the planet can become an effective driving force in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the world community on September 25, 2015.

  As you know, the leaders of 193 the UN member countries voted unanimously in support of this program, promising to promote at most the real implementation of the SDGs.

    But I propose not to rely entirely on the promises of states representatives, but to involve active people of the planet in the construction of our common future with the help of the Ziu-voting method. Exactly these tasks are specified in paragraph 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals, which provides: "Activating the global partnership for sustainable development".

  The easiness, cheapness and accessibility of the Ziu-voting methodology will give a huge impetus to paragraph 17 and unite the most active people in the world to solve social, humanitarian and environmental problems of the planet.

  In the future, socially active people in different countries of the world will be able to have two Ziu-cards.

1.      One card is a voting payment card intended for will expression on issues of the country that a person has chosen as his place of permanent residence. This card, as it was mentioned above, is issued to him by the authorized body of the country of residence and this voting Ziu-card is linked to the electoral Ziu-register of this country.

2.     And with the help of the second card, the "UN planetary Ziu-card", a person can participate in the international projects designed to ensure the sustainable development of mankind.  

   For example, you can participate in socially significant issues that the UN can conduct or collect signatures in support of any action. Also, with the help of this social tool, it will be really possible to help international UN projects by making non-burdensome financial contributions. Perhaps in the future, with the help of a social Ziu-card, it will be possible to participate in any electoral practices under the UN auspices.

     Of course, all the proposed initiatives must first be tested. I proposed to conduct the first experiment on testing the Ziu-voting methodology in one of the 26 cantons of Switzerland.  

   At the time of writing this article, the methodology was undergoing test quite successfully on the website of a social project called the “Alan Network” in the format of a Ziu-survey with three answers to the question posed.    

   But to observe the Swiss experiment, it is necessary to invite UN representatives who are competent in conducting electoral practices. I am sure that the experiment will end successfully and then there will definitely be an understanding of the necessity to create a payment Ziu-system.  

   In this case, it seems a reasonable solution in which the functionality of the future Ziu-payment system will immediately be developed taking into account the maintenance and planetary Ziu-cards issued under the UN auspices.

   For example, it is necessary to foresee the possibility of creating a separate Ziu- register of socially – responsible people of the planet in the new payment system, which will also coordinate its data with national electronic lists of Ziu-card holders.

   Most countries of the world openly publish their electoral lists. It means that it is more reasonable to compile a "planetary Ziu-register" on the basis of already existing open national electoral lists in cooperation with the authorized bodies of the respective states. If the country hides its lists, then it is necessary to foresee an opportunity for social activists of this country to receive Ziu-cards according to a different scheme.

  At this point I see the use of such Ziu-cards only in open forms of will expression, since, in my opinion, secret voting is not required to support the social and humanitarian programs of the United Nations. Accordingly, the planetary card so far appears to have only one account, which provides for the publication of extended statements with personal data of the participant of the will expression.  

   The UN Ziu-payment cards should also work only within the framework of the Ziu-payment system and be used exclusively for making Ziu-payments. The use of these financial instruments to pay for goods and services, loan payments and money transfers must also be strictly excluded.

    This exclusivity of the appliance of the Ziu-payment system and Ziu-cards only in electoral practices should purposefully form a special, respectable attitude of people, both to the card itself and to the launched Ziu-processes as well, separating the social aspect of the card from the routine and ordinariness of traditional payment functions.

   But in my opinion, a planetary activist should credit the UN Ziu-card from his own funds. Therefore, unlike voting Ziu-cards, which can only be credited by state-authorized bodies, planetary Ziu-cards can be credited through any payment instruments. This difference between the UN Ziu-card should also be provided by the functionality of the Ziu- payment system. 

   What amounts are proposed to be used in the voting of activists?

Participation in the Beslan Ziu-project should be easy and accessible to Ziu-cards holders. Therefore, in my opinion, the principle of cash-in of this payment card is a feasible non–burdensome contribution. I recommend that social activists of the planet vote in amounts from 0.07% to 0.77% of their monthly income.

The one single currency for the global Ziu-activity can quite rightly become the Swiss franc.

  How many potential people can become the holders of planetary UN Ziu- cards?

   First of all, such owners can primarily be people who have access to online banking services and, accordingly, to the Internet. I could not find accurate statistics reflecting the number of such users. Therefore, I will operate with approximate numbers based on the number of Internet users of which there are already about 6 billion people in the world.

 Let's assume that one third of these six (6) billion people have access to online banking services. That is 2 billion people are potential owners of planetary UN Ziu-cards.

   But what part of these people will want to get this card and use it to help implement the Sustainable Development Goals by participating in Ziu-polls, signatures collection signatures, and maybe in Ziu-votes? I hope that at least one (1) percent of the world's people who use online banking services will be not indifferent to the future of our planet, and therefore to the future of their descendants. Then, according to my estimates, about 20 million people in the world can become owners of planetary UN Ziu-cards.

  And now let's remember again the second (there are seven of them) author's standard of our methodology called Ziu-balance (50/50), which I have mentioned above in this article and which, in my opinion, should also be applied when using UN Ziu-cards.

   According to this standard, I propose to forward half of the funds collected through Ziu-payments to Sustainable Development Goals achievement programs, and half to stimulate people participating in Ziu-processes under the UN auspices. The method of stimulation can be approved by the planetary activists themselves on one of the Ziu-polls, choosing from the options proposed by the authorized UN body.

  To maximize the effectiveness of the actions taken, it is extremely important to take into account the balance of public and personal interests.

   To encourage participation in the program, you can use sponsors, who, for example, once a year will raffle some valuable prizes among the holders of planetary Ziu-cards participating in the UN Ziu-processes.

  For example, car companies around the world, in order to support the SDGs, once a year, draw one car among the holders of Ziu-cards who regularly participate in the UN Ziu-activity. And then I have absolute confidence that with such a development of events, the number of people who want to get a lucky card will increase by a multiple.

  There is nothing we can do personal interest is an integral part of human nature. That is why, in all my projects aimed at the socialization of humanity, I try to build a balance of public and personal interests, designated by me by the term "Ziu-balance».

   So, perhaps, over time, the number of active, constantly participating in the processes, holders of UN Ziu-cards, can reach 200 million and more.  

   Of course, some people will get a planetary card in the hope of winning a valuable prize at minimal cost. But even in this case, the vast majority of holders of planetary cards still realize that by their participation they help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, that is, they help to make the world better. And understanding that a person is part of a large planetary team that positively influences the future of humanity will have a serious positive effect on the spirituality of even the most absolute egoist. It turns out that with the help of the UN Ziu-card, the process of socialization of mankind is launched.


  And the main task of Ziu-voting is the socialization of society.

   The socialization of egoists is fine, but the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals is impossible without financial resources. What amount of money from the use of UN Ziu-card can be collected to finance the SDGs?

   If 20 million people send a Ziu-payment of at least one Swiss franc from their planetary cards, then a quite decent amount will be collected. And if the number of Ziu-cards holders really reaches 200 million? And if some people start following the recommendations to spend from 0.07 to 0.77% of their monthly income on SDGs every month. And if we carry out the Ziu-voting every quarter? Or maybe it's better every month?

   Stop! I think it is worth leaving these fancy ideas at that, because any collected sums will become an additional help in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

   But the main thing in the initiated solution is still the socialization of humanity. I repeat, even the most absolute egoist will feel like a person who takes part in the discussion of global issues and influences the fate of mankind.

   And now let's calculate, "is the game worth the candle"? How much will the launch of this planetary initiative cost and at whose expense?

    The main investments will be required to create a Ziu-payment system. I remind you that its functionality seems to me quite simple so far, since it excludes the use of Ziu-cards in everyday life as a payment instrument. Cash flows will be narrowly focused, and go only in two directions - to credit the Ziu-cards themselves and to make payments to voting accounts. Therefore, it seems to me that the project of creating such a financial processing will be quite inexpensive.

    And, as you remember, it is proposed to finance it to a country with an outstanding democracy – Switzerland. Having calculated the savings that the use of the Ziu-voting technique can bring only in internal electoral processes, the people of Switzerland may decide to create a Ziu-payment system. The connection of other countries to the new system, subsequently, will be paid, because new participants will also save quite a lot of money. And this means that the costs of creating the original processing will definitely pay off.

 The United Nations can also participate in the co-financing of the project to create a payment system. Perhaps there will be a socially responsible sponsor or investor.  Eventually, the whole world can chip in a franc.

   Having listed all the potential sources of financing for the Ziu-payment system project, I have confidence that the issue is completely manageable.

   What other expenses do we expect when building a community of the UN Ziu-card holders?

1.     This is the issue of plastic cards themselves and their distribution.

2.      The process of forming a planetary Ziu-registry. But in this issue there is no need to hurry.

   The issuance of this card must be begun with verified people who have confirmed their reputation as social, humanitarian or environmental activists. Thus, the process of issuing the UN Ziu-cards needs to be given a certain informational and reputational support.

  Therefore, before receiving the card, the candidate must sign a "gentleman's Ziu- agreement", in which he agrees and undertakes the participations in all Ziu- practices under the UN auspices in favor of achieving the SDGs.

   The card should not gather dust in the wardrobe without doing anything. If a person has decided to take the path of social Ziu-activity within the framework of the UN, express their opinion on certain SDGs issues, invest a small part (0.07-0.77%) of his monthly income on supporting the program, then he must comply with the obligations assumed.

   In the future, veterans who will use the card in good faith for many years and regularly participate in Ziu-processes should, in my opinion, be encouraged separately.

   One option is that after the death of the UN Ziu-card holder, his heirs or representatives who are ready to continue the noble work of the deceased can use his card. Thus, the memory of a person's noble deeds is preserved, and his social responsibility continues to live after his death. Such a development proves that a person has brought up a decent, socially active generation that continues his work. And perhaps, over time, entire dynasties of planetary Ziu-activists will appear in the world.

  And if, for some reason, a person has no one to pass the torch to, then he can leave an instruction in his will to a trusted person to continue his participation in the UN Ziu-processes after death.

  It is appropriate to give an example of the inventor and industrialist Alfred Nobel. His fund has been fulfilling his will for more than 120 years. It turns out that Nobel is still involved in the processes of improving the life of mankind.

   That is why it is extremely necessary to create an appropriate information background before distributing Ziu-cards and actively support it during their usage. This background will discipline people, which should also be considered an additional factor in the socialization of society.

    Following the activists who have already proved their responsibility, I hope ordinary people will also reach out, ready to sign a "Ziu-agreement" to receive the UN Ziu-cards.

  It is clear that there can be no responsibility for failure to comply with the agreement. But a planetary activist should understand that non-fulfillment of the agreement is accompanied by a certain risk to his reputation.

 That is why in case of non-use of the Ziu-card, for any reason, the person is obliged to return it. Otherwise, the card must be blocked. Blocking the card in certain cases will mean that the holder behaved incorrectly in relation to the Ziu-contract signed by him and did not satisfy the terms of the agreements.

   The distribution of these cards and the compilation of national lists integrated into a single UN Ziu-register can be handled locally by existing representatives in charge of SDGs programs at the country levels.

  In my opinion, I have described a reasonable and quite feasible scenario for the UN participation in the Beslan Ziu-project.

   And now I want to focus the reader's attention on the most important meaning of my initiative.

   Section. Invented tradition.

  The fact is that during the familiarization with the UN narrative in the field of SDGs, I have never met the term "tradition". In my opinion, the initiators of the Goals did not take into account the enormous potential, which is the mental power of the concept of "tradition". Unfortunately, in the modern world as a whole, the huge positive resource of this important social algorithm is underestimated.

  I intentionally and purposefully formalize all my social initiatives in a format that sounds in science under the term "invented tradition". And why not? All traditions and customs have always been originally developed by humans, not by aliens. Then, they were approved or rejected by society.

   Exactly for this purpose I propose the initiated planetary activity in the form of a "social Ziu-tradition", an integral and obligatory part of which is the participation of a person in Ziu-voting and polls.

   Correspondingly, I propose to create a community of people on our planet who observe the "social Ziu-tradition".

   But the algorithm of the "social tradition" can include many other positive areas of human activity. And I make an appeal to unite these directions under one concept - "social Ziu-tradition".

   Now let's summarize the results and consider the possible positive effect of using the Ziu-voting technique in the context of the invented tradition. We will also consider the potential risks that may arise when applying the new methodology.

   Section. The potential benefits and possible risks of all social activity as an integral part of the Ziu-tradition.

   First of all, we will once again analyze the positive aspects of a possible unified global electoral structure initiated within the framework of the Beslan Ziu-project, through which it is proposed to conduct national acts of will expression.

   In my opinion, I have described in sufficient detail and clearly the use of the Ziu-voting method in internal electoral practices through Swiss banks and now I want to draw a conclusion.

   The Ziu-voting method is a reliable, understandable, convenient, affordable and cost-efficient practice of will expression and signatures collection.

    After confirming its effectiveness during testing, this technique, over time, will definitely take a well-deserved leading place among the electoral practices used by mankind.

   And when this happens, the entire legal and mental character of the interaction between a citizen and the state will radically change.

1.      Because there will be a strict understanding in society that it is impossible to falsify the election results.

2.      Saving public funds for carrying out acts of will expression will free up significant financial resources.

3.     And the Ziu-balance, which provides for encouraging voters to participate in electoral practices, will significantly increase the civic engagement of citizens. As I have already said, even if a person who previously ignored elections begins to participate in Ziu-practice solely in the hope of receiving encouragement, his consciousness still begins to think about the electoral task and then make decisions, making a certain choice. And this means that a person begins to socialize and begins to participate in public life.

4.     The author's standard, which provides the transfer of Ziu-payments to the settlement accounts of charity organizations, in turn, will give a serious impetus to national socio-humanitarian projects and the development of the third sector as a whole. And these are also positive and significant processes for the socialization of society.

   Mankind needs to form socially active people, because it is impossible to create a decent society out of egoists.

  And again about a united global electoral structure that can be formed on the platform of the Ziu-voting methodology.

   At the beginning of the article, I have already mentioned that the new method of voting does not involve any new ingenious software solutions. I have just transferred the act of will expression to the functionality of payment systems.

   In order to develop global standards and recommendations for the correct operation of these payment systems, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), located in Basel, Switzerland, has a Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructure (CPMI). At the time of writing this article, 28 countries are the members of this committee.

   The Beslan Ziu-project actually offers the countries that are members of the CPMI committee to protect the will expression of their citizens from possible falsifications and distortions by their own standards developed for payment systems. If the majority of humanity trusts their money to these financial decisions, then why not trust them with the will of citizens. 

   And since the members of the committee have developed a global view on the technology of payment systems, why don't they create a single global electoral structure based on the same view? At the same time, use the same geographical location, in which Switzerland again is given the place of the functional and representative center of the Beslan Ziu-project.

I hope that in due time we will find out the answer to the question of whether the CPMI committee trusts its own standards, but for now let’s return to our project.

And let's consider what benefits will the implementation of the Beslan Ziu-project bring to life on a planetary scale?

The usage of the Ziu-voting methodology under the UN auspices will help to directly involve civil society in creative planetary processes, the main goals of which for today are the Sustainable Development Goals. And such an opportunity will ensure that a responsible person has an effective social tool called the "UN planetary Ziu-card".

This card will allow you to participate in social surveys on various topics conducted by the UN, which means to influence on the decisions with your opinion. You can also support any initiatives or actions with your signature. The usage of the Ziu-card will provide an opportunity to finance specific projects aimed at achieving Sustainable Development Goals. And in the future, the owner of a Ziu-card will be able to take part in any global electoral processes or referendums.

The created community of the UN Ziu-cards holders is becoming a unifying factor for the people with an active lifestyle around the world.  

And this community can become a real social UN "Ziu-guard", directly participating in the UN activities, bypassing the cumbersome bureaucratic structures of their national governments and departments.

It should be noted that the UN organizational structures themselves will have to reckon with the voice of their guard. And whose opinion should we focus on if we still won't hear the opinion of an irresponsible egoist? In my opinion, it is based on the opinion of socially responsible and caring people of the planet who are included in the UN's planetary Ziu-activity, and it is necessary to build the future of humanity.

It is extremely necessary to develop this planetary activity in the form of tradition, and it would be fair if it sounded under the author's term "social Ziu-tradition".

This tradition should become a mandatory protocol of behavior for people who consider themselves responsible for the future of the mankind and are capable of real actions for the sake of this future.

A principally new approach to the society development is proposed, which provides for the introduction into the consciousness of mankind of a new, invented Ziu-tradition, including a balance of public and personal interests of a man, designated by me by the term "Ziu-balance". Such an approach will become an essential element of the constructing process of a new thinking and a new social reality.

The new Ziu-tradition can become a unique social recipe for the treatment of spiritual ailments of mankind. After all, tradition, as a rule, is not a controversial concept. This means that it practically does not generate conflicts and confrontations. It is not particularly accepted to argue about it. A person either observes it or not. But the proposed tradition has a kind of accompanying reputational background and can serve as a public moral guideline.

And now let's recall the resource potential that the Ziu-tradition can generate.

Having carefully looked through the SDGs, I noticed for myself the UN's appeal to the governments of countries and to the world business to support these goals. At the same time, according to the UN Department of Economic and Social Development (DESA), "insufficient funding remains one of the most serious obstacles preventing the world from achieving the Sustainable Development Goals."

Of course, it is necessary to call on, but it must be clearly understood that the governments of states, represented by officials, are bureaucratic structures that are bound by the laws and the framework of the budgets of their countries. And sometimes these calls are actually addressed to authoritarian leaders who single-handedly manage the budgets of their countries and ostensibly publicly endorse the Sustainable Development Goals. 

A business that already contributes to the common cause is also limited by its own capabilities and interests.

Therefore, the additional financial and human resources that the Ziu-voting technique can attract will give a serious impetus to achieving the Goals. But except monetary resources in the form of feasible and unencumbered contributions, the planetary Ziu-Guard has another enormous potential for generating financial resources. This potential is perhaps even more ambitious than Ziu-payments. But I'm announcing this reserve yet and I'm keeping it a secret, since I don't think it's right to "lay all the cards on the table" in one article.

And now about the foremost goal of all my social initiatives. Such a goal is the education of future generations.

The observance itself of the new Ziu-tradition by the UN Planetary Social Guard will become an educational example for the younger generations.

After all the example of the elders becomes the most important guide of behavior for the younger ones.

That is why the observance of a non-burdensome, but extremely effective for the socialization of mankind Ziu-tradition can become a universally recognized educational vector for all the nations in the world.

But can a single tradition unite all people on the planet? Of course not, because people are very different and it is basically impossible to unite everyone with one idea or tradition, in my opinion.

But the Ziu-tradition can unite all socially responsible and reasonable people who are not indifferent to the future of the planet.

This unification and creation of a planetary social Ziu-guard community is the main goal of the Beslan Ziu—project and its main positive meaning. 

So, the positive potential of the new Ziu-voting methodology is more or less clear. And what about the cons?

I still have questions about the easiness and accessibility of this social solution.

Won’t it become a reason for the emergence of excessive electoral activity of the population? After all, if the population has Ziu-cards, you can vote at least every day.

For example, the easiness with which this technology helps to collect signatures can initiate frequent impeachments of the governor of California, for instance. As I have already mentioned, about 1.7 million signatures were collected in 9 months in this state for the appointment of re-elections in 2021. With the help of a Ziu-card, such number of votes can be collected in a week.

The easiness with which voting acts can be carried out using this method can provoke politicians who have lost elections to conduct "electoral revenge". For sure, there will be initiatives to conduct parallel voting with ordinary bank cards. 

But whether it is worth considering the easiness of conducting electoral practices according to the new methodology as its disadvantages is highly questionable.

To my mind, even excessive electoral activity still serves the purposes of the society socialization. But the easiness of Ziu-voting method should not create chaos in society. That is why it can always be limited by legislative acts, for which or against which the population itself will vote.

I have not yet found any other disadvantages of the Ziu-voting method.


In conclusion, I want to emphasize once again that all my social projects are the results of my consciousness redesigning as consequences of the emotional shock suffered during the tragic events at the Beslan school in September 2004.

In this regard, I tell with all responsibly that these initiatives were sent to humanity from heaven by the victims of this tragedy and these initiatives should be regarded as a historical response to this mental catastrophe.

I appeal to you not to allow distortions of these pure intentions.

After getting acquainted with my initiatives, the Beslan Ziu-project will seem fantastic to someone, and someone on the contrary will say "we should try". But for me, the main thing is the fact that if you read this article, then this social decision will settle in your mind forever. And this means that the project has already been launched and will eventually come to life. As they say, "The genie is out of the bottle."

 Look into children’s eyes and support the Beslan Ziu-project!

Audaciously thinking, Makoev T.T.

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